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Jump on the European Bandwagon

May 2017

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Jump on the European

- Michael Mack, Portfolio Manager

The European stock market began to see improvement in 2016 as bank lending increased and earnings grew. US voters were nervous about their own economy in the wake of an unpredictable presidential election and may have missed the initial opportunity. With political uncertainty in the US no longer a major concern, now might be the time to weigh European investment risks like political uncertainty and currency exchange rate risk and hop on the European bandwagon.


Source: Bloomberg, FactSet
Earnings Per Share (EPS) is the portion of company’s profit allocated to each outstanding share of common stock.
Russell 1000 index is a US market-capitalization weighted index representing the top 1000 large-cap stocks in the Russell 3000 Index
FTSE Eurozone Index includes large- and mid-cap stocks in the developed markets of the Eurozone. It is a subset of the FTSE Global Equity Index Series (GEIS) which is designed to help investors benchmark European investments.



The combination of positive earnings growth and attractive valuations make Europe a compelling opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios. As banks start to lend again and businesses begin to invest, economic growth is picking up. More than 9 years into a cycle favoring the US, we are well past the average of 4.7 years. When the cycle will change is unknown, but now might be a good time to consider Europe.

    MSCI Europe USA Years
12/31/1969 6/29/1973 50.96% 26.70% 3.50
6/29/1973 10/29/1976 -31.95% 13.17% 3.34
10/29/1976 12/29/1978 68.72% 4.07% 2.17
12/29/1978 10/29/1982 7.25% 71.27% 3.84
10/29/1982 11/30/1988 298.95% 160.40% 6.09
11/30/1988 1/29/1993 34.12% 83.81% 4.17
1/29/1993 6/30/1994 25.44% 5.47% 1.42
6/30/1994 1/31/2002 98.77% 190.62% 7.59
1/31/2002 11/30/2007 144.57% 45.57% 5.38
11/30/2007 3/31/2017 -3.87% 95.42% 9.34
      Average 4.73

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