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Pacer ETFs aim to offer quality investments to help investors meet their needs.


Pacer ETFs, distributed by Pacer Financial, are strategy driven exchange traded funds that aim to help investors prepare for retirement using rules-based indices to minimize downside risk and screening for quality stocks.

  • The Trendpilot® Series ETFs use a trend following strategy that aims to participate in the market when it is trending up, maintain some exposure during short-term market declines, and exit the market when it is trending down.
  • The Cash Cows Index® Series ETFs aim to provide capital appreciation over time by screening broad based indexes to identify quality companies with high free cash flow yield. 
  • The Pacer WealthShield ETFs use a trend following strategy to direct some or all of its exposure to U.S. equities and U.S. Treasury Securities. It does this by using a rules based methodology that evaluates the strength and momentum of fixed income and equity sectors and industries to determine the constituents of its underlying index.


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