The Pacer Custom ETF Series

Pacer Custom ETF Series

Our family of custom ETFs are strategy-driven, rules based ETFs each designed to offer a specific investment focus.The current lineup includes:

The Pacer WealthShield ETF, a trend following strategy that evaluates the strength and momentum of fixed income and equity sectors and industries directs some or all of its exposure to U.S. equities and U.S. Treasury Securities. The Pacer Military Times Best Employers ETF, a strategy that aims to provide exposure to U.S. companies that support training and professional development of military veterans, service members and their families.


ETF Name ETF Ticker ETF Inception Date Benchmark Index Total Expenses Intraday Indicative Value Ticker CUSIP
Pacer WealthShield ETF PWS 12/11/17 S&P 500 Index 0.60% PWS.IV 69374H80
Pacer Military Times Best Employers ETF VETS 4/10/18 S&P 500 Index 0.60%* VETS.IV 69374H832

*10% of the management fee will be donated to veteran related charities.